I am able to learn and use various forms of software to proofread or ‘cleanse’ data.

When I worked on the Travis Perkins Trade Product Guide, I amended several Excel spreadsheets that were then merged with page layout software to create a 900-page brochure.

To ensure a spreadsheet reaches the required level of accuracy, I do the following:

  • Amend any typos and grammatical errors
  • Check if the data is in the required order for creating tables
  • Ensure the data is in the right column with a relevant heading
  • Amend the F&Bs (features and benefits) so that they fit within the space allocated
  • Check and highlight if any links to images are missing or incorrect
  • Query any data validation functions within the spreadsheet that are not relevant or accurate
The cover of the Travis Perkins TPG displays the contents. Each section originates from an Excel spreadsheet.