I recently rediscovered a story I wrote when I was about 5, behind an old bookcase in my parent’s house. It felt strange reading something that I only vaguely recollected writing.

The thing that most impressed me was the fact that I’d used an apostrophe in the correct place. Maybe the inclusion of an apostrophe was an early indication of my future role as a proofreader? See the full story below:

Jimmy and Freddy are snails. They live inside their shells. One day they decided to go for a walk. It was Betty Boot mouse’s birthday. They had some jelly and cream. They played some party games. They had some balloons. Betty had a birthday cake. It had seven candles. Whiskey the caterpillar came late to the party. Betty Boots gave Whiskey a balloon.

Diane’s first publication, aged 5

I’m not so sure why I’d name a caterpillar Whiskey. Perhaps that is why he was late to the party? 😉