I adopt a methodical approach to every project I work on based on years of experience of finding effective ways of checking text.

Brief: To revise the Keyline brand guidelines to reflect a different focus.

Most of what Keyline does is to supply specialist civils products and expertise for essential infrastructure projects. The updated brand guidelines needed to reflect this focus.

Working with a creative designer and copywriter, I proofread the text ensuring consistency and accuracy. This is how I work and how I would approach any project:

  • I re-read the content several times to ensure I haven’t missed anything
  • I use a check list to ensure that all elements, such as titles and cross references, are accurate
  • I check that any text amends that have been made by the designer are accurate
  • I use a house style to ensure consistency with spelling and punctuation
  • If there isn’t a house style or word list, I create one