I’ve been asked to write many wacky and wonderful things. Writing copy to entice joiners and fitters back into the store was a tricky one.

Brief: To write copy aimed at kitchen fitters and joiners who haven’t bought any Benchmarx products for at least 20 days and may potentially lapse as a buyer. The DM aimed to entice them back into the store.

What I learnt from this project and what I could bring to my next one:

  • Tone of voice: is it appropriate? My first draft was too informal for business customers and I had to make it sound less like I was talking to an old pal and more like I was addressing a customer in one of their stores
  • It takes more than one go to get it right and I’m willing to listen to feedback
  • Writing a small block of text takes just as long as a whole leaflet, so I need to take that into consideration when estimating timescales
  • Listen to the person giving the brief and make sure it’s what they want