I have years of proofreading experience (see my profile on LinkedIn) but proofreading an annual report was still a learning curve for me.

Why? It takes a lot of different people with varying skill sets to accomplish the final result. From the designers, artworkers and contributors through to the proofreaders, there are a lot of stages and stakeholder approvals to get through before the report can be published. There’s also the issue of confidentiality and keeping what you read “under your hat” while you work on it.

So here’s what I learned from this project and what I can bring to your project:

  • You can tell me your secrets and I will keep schtum
  • I won’t change anything without telling you
  • I can read long passages of in-depth analysis, remain focused and suggest appropriate amends
  • I can work to tight schedules and quick turnarounds
  • I can work with a large team, keep calm and carry on